Getting there

To the Philippines:

There are two International Airports Manila and Cebu City.

From Manila to Negros:

Cebu Pacific Airlines and Philippine Airlines have several daily flights from Manila to Bacolod and Dumaguete. Take a Ceres Bus Liner – nonaircon service starts at 2.30am, then every 45 minutes until 8pm and travel time is five hours. Ceres Bus Liner air con service starts at 8am, last trip at 4pm. Travel time is about four hours.

From Cebu City to Negros:

From Cebu City you can reach Dumaguete at Negros Island by fast ferry boat .

From Bacolod to Sipalay:

Busses from South Terminal of Ceres Liner. Busses run every 30 min. via Kabankalan to Sipalay. The drive takes about 4 to 5 hours and costs approx. 300 pesos. There are also taxis from Bacolod to Sipalay available. It costs approx. 4500 pesos and it lasts about 3 hours.

From Dumaguete to Sipalay:

Buses to Sipalay leave Dumaguete every hour from Ceres Bus Terminal to Kabankalan (mountains route ). Or you take the bus along the coast via Bayawan,Hinobaan to Sipalay. It´s takes around 6 hours trip and costs approx. 300 pesos. A taxi from Dumaguete to Sipalay costs appox. 4500 pesos and the drive takes about 4 hours.

From Sipalay to Sulusunset Beach Resort:

Let us know, when you will arrive (by phone call or SMS) and we will pick you up at the beachfront only 50 m from the busstation.